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Forest Cover 58: Large-scale cattle farming and its consequences for forests, agroecology and biodiversity

14 May, 2019

The 58th issue of Forest Cover focuses on large-scale cattle farming and its incompatibility with other, more sustainable food systems and with thriving, healthy forests. Case studies from six countries describe the impacts of an industrial livestock industry that is hungry for land and resources, often highly polluting, and squeezing or stamping out other models of food production, such as traditional farming and agroecology. Globally, the impacts of the international trade in beef make it the biggest culprit in deforestation, …

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GFC Annual Report 2017

21 May, 2018

We are happy to share our 2017 Annual Report: “In Defence of Real Forests and their Communities”. As a global coalition, we have come far. Founded in 2000 with just…

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GFC Annual Report 2016

9 Jun, 2017

2016 was an exciting and productive year for the Global Forest Coalition. We grew our membership to 86 NGOs and Indigenous Peoples Organisations from 58 countries, enabling us to reaffirm…

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Our food is not your business

6 May, 2017

Alternatives to unsustainable livestock and feedstock farming and the current corporate free trade model This briefing paper aims to contribute to the many ongoing efforts, actions, and discussions on alternatives…

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Forest Cover 52 – The Burning Issue

21 Mar, 2017

Welcome to Forest Cover No. 52, the Global Forest Coalition newsletter that provides a space for Southern and Northern environmental justice activists to present their views on international forest-related policies.…

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Sustainable Development Goals and Gender

8 Mar, 2017

This international Women’s Day, GFC joins in solidarity with partners and women’s groups to defend women’s rights and gender equality worldwide. We also acknowledge that with recent times women still…

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