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The Global Forest Coalition at COP28 in Dubai


The Global Forest Coalition is present in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for COP28 (November 30 – December 12, 2023). We have numerous spokespersons on the ground and will speak at dozens of events, where we will advocate for real solutions to the climate crisis.

Here are details on some of what we’re up to!

Key Policy Messages

  • Carbon markets promote false solutions, accentuate the climate crisis, and help big polluters and high-emitting countries to continue business as usual, impacting women, local communities, and Indigenous Peoples, facilitating land grabbing and violation of the rights of the communities, and perpetuating inequality and injustice.
  • IPCC analysis is clear that there is no room for offsets, and we must reduce global emissions by half by 2030 to keep within 1.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Require immediate and rapid halt to deforestation and forest degradation, and forests and land cannot be exploited to reap carbon credits. Instead, Indigenous Peoples, women, and local communities should be strongly and appropriately supported to conserve, protect, and restore forests and prevent biodiversity loss.
  • We resist and reject false solutions and dangerous distractions and call upon the governments to divest public finance from promoting false solutions and redirect such finance to promote and support community-driven and governed real solutions.
  • Gender-just, rights-based, and ecosystems approach is the real pathway to achieving real solutions.
  • Any real progress in agriculture must take into account the roles, responsibilities, needs, perspectives, and interests of women, smallholder farmers, and food producers. We need agricultural “gender-just and transformative” approaches, which would be a powerful lever to address gender inequality in agriculture and food security.
  • Food System Transformation and agroecological practices and approaches must be central to the work on agriculture, and false solutions like Climate Smart Agriculture and “sustainable intensification” must be rejected.

Main Activities

Reality check on Fossil Fuels phase out & Just Transition: impacts on land, forests and communities – Press Conference

December 11

Reality Check: COP or Cop Out? – Press Conference

December 10

Roots of Resilience Episode 5: Reflections from COP28 – Podcast

December 8

Podcast Logo
Freeing ourselves from the “net”: Course correcting climate action to Real Zero – Side Event
December 11

Gender-just and community rights perspectives on forest & biodiversity conservation: pathways for climate justice – Side Event

December 9

UNFCCC Press Conference | Why Big Biomass is Not Renewable Energy, by GFC & EPN Global Biomass Action Network Members

December 8

A Just Transition Failure – the Human Rights Impacts of Big Biomass Energy” at Civil Society Climate Justice Hub – Side Event

December 6

DCJ Press Conference

Big agribusiness must not lead the transformation of the global food system

December 6

Press Release – Global Leaders Urged to Urgently Reject Corporate-Backed Deceptions and Redirect Funding to Real Climate Solutions

December 5

WECF, FAWCO, AIWC: Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards ceremony

December 5

People’s Mobilization Agenda – Side Event

December 5

How non-market approaches could look on the ground – Food and Agriculture Pavilion

December 5

Delay, Distract and Deceive: BECCS Developments in South America, Africa and Asia – Article

Communities Rising: Voices from the Ground Against False Solutions 

December 3

Soft Launch of ‘The Carbon Conspiracy, False Promises, Real Threats

December 3

ENGO-DCJ: Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice Press Conference

December 3

The Illicit World of Climate Finance: Promoting False Solutions To Deny Real Solutions 

December 2