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Forests and climate change

Our Forests, Trees and Climate Change campaign opposes the corporate take-over of forest, biodiversity and climate policy-making at different governance levels, and focuses on the drivers of forest loss and land conversion to monoculture tree plantations that have arisen in the post-Paris Agreement climate mitigation context. This includes:

  • Bioenergy generation and BECCS/geoengineering to meet renewable energy targets;
  • Climate mitigation approaches centred around afforestation and reforestation with tree plantations, forest carbon offsets and other market-based schemes;
  • Public subsidies and climate finance that are increasingly being directed towards commercial tree plantations and bioenergy generation with strong private sector involvement.

These three key areas of work tie together the vital struggles that our member groups are engaged in locally with national and international-level advocacy that we engage in with our allies as a coalition, particularly concerning the UNFCCC, international climate finance mechanisms, global campaigns against the expansion of industrial bioenergy and genetically engineered trees. We also campaign for gender justice as a key pillar of climate justice, and promote gender-responsive and community-led alternative solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises.

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