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The GFC Board

Diego Alejandro Cardona

Chairperson and Secretary

Diego Alejandro Cardona
CENSAT Agua Viva, Friends of the Earth, Colombia

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim


Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
Indigenous Women and People Association of Chad, Association des Femmes

Rachel Smolker


Rachel Smolker
Biofuelwatch, United States

Aydah Vahia Akao


Aydah Vahia Akao
The Network of Indigenous Peoples in the Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands

Anna Kirilienko


Anna Kirilienko
BIOM, Kyrgyzstan

Dil Raj Khanal


Dil Raj Khanal

The GFC Team

Simone Lovera

Executive Director

Simone Lovera, Paraguay

Jeanette Sequeira

Gender Programme Coordinator

Jeanette Sequeira, Netherlands

Isis Karinna Alvarez Ortiz

Gender Advisor and Campaigner

Isis Karinna Alvarez Ortiz, Colombia

Dr. Juana Vera Delgado

Gender Expert and Women2030 Program Assistant

Dr. Juana Vera Delgado, Netherlands

Linde Berbers

Women2030 Program Assistant

Linde Berbers, Netherlands

Communications Team

Oliver Munnion

Publications Designer and Producer of Visual Materials

Oliver Munnion, Portugal

Jake McMurchie

Web Designer and IT Specialist

Jake McMurchie, United Kingdom

Legal Team

Coraina de la Plaza

Indigenous Rights Advisor and Research Assistant

Coraina de la Plaza, Netherlands

Simon Fischer

Climate and Land Use Policy Advisor

Simon Fischer, Netherlands

Souparna Lahiri

Climate Campaigner and Advisor

Souparna Lahiri, India

Regional Focal Points

Andrey Laletin

Central Asia and Eastern Europe and Membership coordinator

Andrey Laletin, Russia

Kwami Kpondzo


Kwami Kpondzo
Africa Subregional Focal Points
North Africa: Youssef Sfairi (Morocco)
Southern Africa: Robert Owen (South Africa)
West Africa: Salome Gougloe Gofan (Liberia)
Eastern Africa: Edna Kaptoyo (Kenya)
Central Africa: Nicolas Mukumo Mushumba (DRC)

Almuth Ernsting

Europe and North America

Almuth Ernsting

Carolina Lagos

Latin America

Carolina Lagos


Hemantha Withanage

Spanish Translators

Isabel Diaz Forero

Isabel Diaz Forero

Megan Morrissey

Megan Morrissey

Spanish and French Translators

Danae Serinet Barrera

Danae Serinet Barrera

French Translators

Martine Ferré

Catherine Bescond-Sands


International Secretariat
Simone Lovera
C.C. 13241, CP1749 Asuncion, Paraguay
Tél: + 595-21-663654 fax: + 595-21-621080

Northern office
Global Forest Coalition
Minahassastraat 1 K104
1094 RS Amsterdam
The Netherlands