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Deforestation, a problem caused by government collusion

1 Apr, 2019

By Lourdes Uquillas, EFEverde Deforestation is one of the biggest problems today due to the destruction of biodiversity, in many cases by multinationals based in Europe, Canada, or China, that are engaged in extractive activities and supported by the collusion of some governments, says a representative of the Global Forest Coalition (GFC), Isis K. Álvarez. Continue reading in Spanish… “Hay una irrupción de multinacionales que se dedican a las actividades extractivas y de agroindustria de Canadá, Europa, China”, entre otros …

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Fire and Plantations in Portugal

13 Sep, 2018

By Oliver Munnion A case study on the risks of using tree plantations to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Devastating wildfires are increasingly a feature of summers across the globe,…

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Saving tigers, killing people

6 Jul, 2018

By Souparna Lahiri States are evicting and murdering Indigenous people in the guise of biodiversity conservation. From forced eviction to restrictions on access to resources, conservation practices have long been…

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