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Report by the Global Forest Coalition on the impact of beef production

12 Jan, 2017

This report, entitled ‘What’s at Steak? The Real Cost of Meat’ published by the Global Forest Coalition in December 2016, emphasises the negative impact of industrial livestock production on forests, using five detailed case studies, in Bolivia (link is external), Brazil (link is external), India (link is external), Paraguay (link is external), and Russia (link is external). In South America, for example, the report states that 71% of deforestation in the region has been driven by demand for livestock products. …

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La tecnología del exterminio

8 Jan, 2017

Biología sintética, “Genes Drives” o “impulsores genéticos” Las diversas formas de vida que conocemos sobre el planeta tierra vienen evolucionando desde hace 4.000 millones de años. El homo sapiens surgió…

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