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Fire and Plantations in Portugal

13 Sep, 2018

By Oliver Munnion A case study on the risks of using tree plantations to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Devastating wildfires are increasingly a feature of summers across the globe, and their intensity and scale have been linked directly to climate change in a number of recent publications. Longer fire seasons, coupled with heatwave and drought conditions, from California to Chile and Siberia to Greece, are more likely, more frequent, and more intense. Forest fires north of the Arctic Circle, …

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Saving tigers, killing people

6 Jul, 2018

By Souparna Lahiri States are evicting and murdering Indigenous people in the guise of biodiversity conservation. From forced eviction to restrictions on access to resources, conservation practices have long been…

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Day of Real Forests: A Photo Essay

21 Mar, 2018

Today is the International Day of Forests. The United Nations General Assembly designated this day as such with the hope that humankind would raise awareness about and celebrate forests. This…

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