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The Carbon Conspiracy: False Promises, Real Threats

In the comic book The Carbon Conspiracy, a peaceful rural community’s existence is rocked by the arrival of a carbon offset project. What at first appears to be a win-win deal for all involved is quickly exposed as a con by the Greenfuel Corporation.

The community is hit by the human rights violations and negative environmental impacts of the greenwashing exercise aimed at shifting climate action to the Global South, while corporations in the Global North continue their climate-destroying activities.

The Carbon Conspiracy was created by GFC and CLARA as part of the campaign against false solutions to uphold the climate justice pathway to real solutions. The story is open-source, and you are free to print, use, and share it widely without needing approval.

Story and Illustrations by Ismail Wolff

Click on the links below to:

View the Interactive Online Version (English Only)

View on the CLARA Website

View on the GFC Website

Download in pdf (online viewing) EN I FR I ES I 中文

Download in pdf (print quality) EN I FR I ES

If you are interested in translating the book into another language, please contact for more information


12 Dec, 2023
Posted in Gender Justice and Forests, Forests and Climate Change