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Time to turn the tide on industrial animal farming: path towards post-pandemic sustainable food systems

28 mai, 2020

Daily woman's activities in Tajikistan. Photo by Noosfera

by Global Forest Coalition and GRAIN  One important lesson that we can draw from the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted almost every country in the world is that agro-industrial livestock production is causing grave illness for us, forests, and the planet overall.  As experts have said, in order to understand why viruses are becoming more dangerous, one must look at the industrial model of agriculture, and more specifically, livestock production. In doing so, it is equally important to take lessons from …

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Rapport annuel GFC 2017

21 mai, 2018

We are happy to share our 2017 Annual Report: “In Defence of Real Forests and their Communities”. As a global coalition, we have come far. Founded in 2000 with just…

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