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Couverture forestière 60 : Quel est l’impact de l’initiative « Belt and Road » (BRI) sur les femmes et les forêts ?

18 déc., 2019

This edition of Forest Cover focuses on the Belt Road Initiative (BRI). BRI is the Chinese government’s global development strategy to revitalise the old Silk Road, linking China with Asia and Europe by land, and a new Maritime Silk Road, connecting China’s coastal regions to Europe via Asia and Africa by sea. It is expected to involve over US$1 trillion in investments, largely in infrastructure development for ports, roads, railways and airports, as well as power plants and telecommunications networks.

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Rapport annuel GFC 2017

21 mai, 2018

We are happy to share our 2017 Annual Report: “In Defence of Real Forests and their Communities”. As a global coalition, we have come far. Founded in 2000 with just…

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