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Roots of Resilience: A Podcast from the Global Forest Coalition

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Episode 1: GFC on the Frontlines

In this opening episode of Roots of Resilience,  host Chithira Vijayakumar speaks with three of GFC’s lead campaigners, Andrea Echeverri based in Colombia, Kwami Kpondzo based in Togo, and Souparna Lahiri based in India, on the work of GFC and our members and allies.

We hear about the impacts of climate change and market-based false solutions on Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and in particular, women in all their diversities. We also demystify some of the confusion around “false solutions” and hear more about what real solutions to the climate crisis look like. EnglishSpanish and French transcripts are available.

Available on different platforms:




YouTube: Episode 1 | Interview with Souparna Lahiri, Kwami Kpondzo and Andrea Echeverri

TranscriptsEnglish, SpanishFrench


Chithira Vijayakumar, Host/Editor

Coraina de la Plaza, Producer

Ismail Wolff, Editor & Producer

Cover art by Allie Constantine

Voice-over by Megan Morrissey


  • Andrea Echeverri, GFC Unsustainable Livestock Production Campaign Coordinator
  • Kwami Kpondzo, GFC ETI Campaign Coordinator and Africa Regional Coordinator
  • Souparna Lahiri, Senior Climate Adviser

Audio credits:

‘Black Catbird’ by the Garifuna Collective

Licensor: Stonetree Records

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Release date:

13 June 2023

13 Jun, 2023
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