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Defending Rights

Claiming Civic Space Together: conference in Copenhagen brings groups together to defend the defenders

3 Apr, 2019

by Linde Berbers, Global Forest Coalition intern Citizens and civil society organisations representing rightsholders and stakeholders play an essential role in all societies. In order to ensure the participation of rightsholders and stakeholders and safeguard civic space in general, there must be basic rights for people to be able to associate, assemble and express themselves. Such basic rights are the foundations of a democratic society and are paramount in ensuring the vital communication between policy and decision-makers and public opinion. …

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Our food is not your business

6 May, 2017

Alternatives to unsustainable livestock and feedstock farming and the current corporate free trade model This briefing paper aims to contribute to the many ongoing efforts, actions, and discussions on alternatives…

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Sustainable Development Goals and Gender

8 Mar, 2017

This international Women’s Day, GFC joins in solidarity with partners and women’s groups to defend women’s rights and gender equality worldwide. We also acknowledge that with recent times women still…

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National CCRI workshops held in Africa

22 Feb, 2017

By Kureeba David* The Global Forest Coalition, in partnership with host Community Conservation Resilience Initiative (CCRI) institutions in selected countries, organised three national workshops on CCRI in Africa at the…

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