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Defending Rights

Climate Finance, Results-based Payments and Conservation by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

10 Nov, 2016

climate finance indigenous

A Working Paper of the ICCA Consortium and the Community Conservation Resilience Initiative By Simone Lovera, Holly Jonas, Simon Fischer and Coraina de la Plaza Climate change is one of the most significant contemporary threats to indigenous peoples, local communities and women therein. Climate change and climate-induced natural disasters have significant implications for the connectivity and healthy functioning of ecosystems and biodiversity upon which they depend and thus also for their water, food and resource sovereignty and cultural and spiritual …

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Appeal: Freedom to Evgeny Vitishko!

22 Apr, 2015

APPEAL We, the undersigned non-governmental not-for-profit organizations, work to protect and promote universal rights to freedom and to a healthy environment and to protect individuals who defend these rights. Therefore,…

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