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Intl Day of Peasant Struggles: Launch of case study on agroecological shelters in Argentina

The International Day of Peasant Struggles, commemorated annually on April 17th, echoes the enduring fight for the rights and dignity of peasants and farmers worldwide. The day was originally declared by Via Campesina International in homage to the martyrs of the 1996 Eldorado dos Carajás massacre in Pará, Brazil, when 19 members of Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement were murdered, and 69 others injured, by the military police. 

To honor the enduring struggle of peasants worldwide, the Global Forest Coalition (GFC) is unveiling Galaxias Unicam: Agroecological Shelters for Positive Living—a case study by Rafael Vera, born out of the Galaxias Refugios.

Initiated in 2018 to address the pressing need for therapeutic environments nurturing ecological and mental health, the Galaxia Refugio La Dorotea embodies the ethos of peasant life and agroecological practices in Argentina. Affiliated with the grassroots alliance MOCASE-VC-MNCI,  the UNICAM SURI serves as a beacon of Indigenous and peasant aspirations, educating youth from diverse backgrounds in various disciplines.

At its core, the Galaxias Refugios fosters partnerships with public universities, psychology and medical faculties, and governmental agencies. It champions social psychology as a transformative force, challenging conventional Eurocentric paradigms.

GFC stands in unwavering solidarity with peasants everywhere, who are forging paths of resilience, justice, and ecological harmony.

READ | GALAXIAS UNICAM: Agroecological shelters for positive living [ENG ESP]

17 Apr, 2024
Posted in Defending Rights, Unsustainable Livestock Production, Resources and publications