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Unsustainable Livestock Production

World Food Day and the fires next time: Mortgaging the future of the planet for meat and dairy

16 Oct, 2019

By Isis Alvarez (Global Forest Coalition) and Mia MacDonald (Brighter Green) The fires in the Amazon forests that shocked the world have been quenched by seasonal rains and the emergency efforts of fire fighters. But the match that lit most of the flames hasn’t been doused, because many of the fires were set to clear land to graze cattle or plant soybeans, which are used throughout the world, but more specifically in Europe, China, the USA, to feed billions of …

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The Chaco under attack

16 Oct, 2018

A photoessay about indigenous communities in the Chaco region of Paraguay, and their existence in a landscape under threat by agribusiness and international trade policies. By Fernando Franceschelli and Ines…

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Guahory women fight for the earth

A World Food Sovereignty Day photo-essay about the impacts of toxic agribusiness in Paraguay and the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement By Fernando Franceschelli and Ines Franceschelli, Henoi and Global Forest…

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When Hope Avenges Mistrust

8 May, 2015

By: Miguel Lovera Ever since I read the masterpiece by Jan Ziegler “La Suisse Lave Plus Blanc” (“Swiss Whitewash”) in the early ‘90’s, I started to suspect that there was…

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