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Guardians of Earth’s Tomorrow: The TreeBox Project

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Guardians of Earth’s Tomorrow
A photo essay series – Part II


The TreeBox Project is part two of Guardians of Earth’s Tomorrow, a new series of photo essays from the Global Forest Coalition. The current agrifood system, characterized by capitalism and patriarchy, is failing in its basic mission to nourish the world. Simultaneously, it is causing harm to the soil, water, air, and people, severely impacting biodiversity. However, there are examples and glimpses of hope worldwide—indications of a future where food production serves as a means to heal the planet and foster positive relationships among diverse human groups.

Through our series of photo essays entitled “Guardians of the Earth’s Tomorrow,” in collaboration with organizations that are actively creating utopias today, we aim to remind us that not all is lost. We invite you to explore and share these initiatives, joining us on a journey towards much-needed hope during these times of crisis.


The TreeBox Project is a unique initiative by Armenian Forests NGO that combines sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and gender justice. It allows people to plant a forest in Armenia simply by ordering a box of healthy vegan food.

For more information, visit:

TreeBox is looking to expand their operations. To support them, reach out via Facebook , phone [+374 41 900799] or email []

All photos in this essay were taken in different provinces in Armenia, by Armenian Forests NGO.

You can watch a video on TreeBox here:


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25 Jan, 2024
Posted in Unsustainable Livestock Production