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Unsustainable Livestock Production

Forest Cover 55 – The big four drivers of deforestation: beef, soy, wood and palm oil

12 Apr, 2018

Forest Cover 55 looks at trade in just four key commodities—beef, soy, wood, and palm oil—which together are the main drivers of deforestation in the world. Demand for these commodities is leading to huge swathes of forest being replaced by vast monoculture plantations and pasture, especially in the global South. Beef is the worst deforesting culprit and clearing forests to make way for pasture was responsible for 71% of deforestation in seven Latin American countries. Palm oil is second only to beef and is leading to serious deforestation in Southeast Asia—300 football fields of forest are lost in Indonesia for palm oil every hour! This issue brings us stories from around the world where forests and communities face the impacts of the production and trade in these commodities. It also showcases campaigns as communities across the globe struggle to stop these drivers of forest loss.

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Our food is not your business

6 May, 2017

Alternatives to unsustainable livestock and feedstock farming and the current corporate free trade model This briefing paper aims to contribute to the many ongoing efforts, actions, and discussions on alternatives…

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