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GFC’s Statement on Palestine

Palestinian flag waving in darkness

GFC’s Statement on Palestine


The Global Forest Coalition vehemently condemns the ongoing war crimes and genocide against the Palestinian people by the government of Israel and its allies, and stands in unwavering solidarity with everyone affected by this indiscriminate violence. We firmly reject all forms of colonialism and oppression, recognizing that the struggle for justice and dignity in Palestine is deeply intertwined with the global fight for rights to land and self-determination. GFC urgently calls for an immediate ceasefire and for the facilitation of humanitarian assistance without restrictions in Gaza, as well as full adherence to international law.

Our message is clear: GFC stands firmly against war, human rights violations, and the murder and indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks on civilians and infrastructure, particularly women, children and civilian institutions. We denounce the bombing, forced occupation and colonisation of Indigenous and local people’s territories, and emphasise that this not only threatens human rights but also has far-reaching environmental consequences, affecting the forests, ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources that Indigenous communities in particular rely on. Any war not only leads to immediate suffering but also long-term cultural, social, gender, environmental, and climate injustices that impact everyone.

We also reject anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in all forms, and want to emphasise that falsely equating this Zionist project with Judaism or people of the Jewish identity is dangerous and inaccurate. We stand with the thousands of Jewish people within Israel and the world over who are protesting and have joined the call for a ceasefire, and reject hate being channelled against people of any religion or ethnicity. Our struggle for justice is rooted in building intercultural dialogue, peace, and a sustainable future in harmony with nature. We firmly emphasise the need for full respect of international laws and agreements that promote peace, self-determination, sovereignty and mutual understanding among diverse nations, and demand for an equal application of the same to both territories. 

We express deep concern about the disproportionate attacks by the Israeli army on Palestinian civilians, a population where more than half are children; this includes the targeted bombing of hospitals, refugee camps, bakeries and warehouses of supplies, water tanks, internet and data connectivity centres, ambulances, and places of worship; the use of chemical weapons in Gaza, which will destroy the land and poison the water; and the double moral standards of much of the global North, including the USA and the UK, who continue providing billions of dollars of funding and weapons to the Israeli army. We decry the large number of people, including women, children, elderly and people with disabilities who have been injured or killed; and are deeply concerned about worsening water shortage and food insecurity in the region.

Moreover, we are troubled by reports of military actions by Israel in other countries such as Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which can have severe consequences for the stability and security of the entire region, impacting the environment, ecosystems and natural resources that are crucial for local communities. 

The Global Forest Coalition reiterates its strong commitment to the principles of justice, equality, and human rights, with a particular emphasis on environmental justice. This includes the right to food sovereignty, land rights, and cultural rights of Indigenous communities – all fundamental human rights that have been denied to the Palestinian people through decades of displacement, blockade, and occupation. We reiterate that there can be no gender or environmental justice on occupied land. The time for justice is now, and we stand united in this crucial struggle.

21 Nov, 2023
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