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GFC’s Annual Report 2023 is out now

We are pleased to share with you a summary of the work done by the Global Forest Coalition in 2023. Our Annual Report describes the key moments and achievements of our campaigns over what was another busy year for GFC and our members.

This Annual Report provides an overview of the main organisational activities and achievements of GFC over 2023, as well as how we continue to navigate global power imbalances and inequities.

GFC made progress towards strengthening membership engagement, capacity, and alliance building through a range of activities across its campaigns and specific membership-targeted activities. GFC also strengthened communications, collaboration, and consultations between coalition members.

Over 2023 we welcomed seven new members to the coalition (AKMENA, Kyrgyzstan; Dana Cooperative, Jordan; Ecolog and Ecomaktab, both from Uzbekistan; Eco-Tiras, Moldova; Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives, Tajikistan and Yanus, Armenia), increasing our overall membership to 131 members across 75 countries.

We remain deeply appreciative of the collective force of our members and are proud of all that we have been able to achieve together as a team, on international, national as well as regional platforms. Together as a coalition, we stand united in the face of continued threats faced by Indigenous Peoples, environmental defenders, and custodians of our forests and Mother Earth, especially women in all their diversities.

We are incredibly grateful to all the individuals, funders, organisations and communities that support our work, and we look forward to persevering together for a gender-just, ecologically secure future for the planet as a whole.

3 Jul, 2024
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