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International Day of Peasant Struggle // Industrial meat production: reshaping the world in its own image

17 Apr, 2020

Perspectives from the Global South and the path to an alternative model of sustainable livestock farming On International Day of Peasant Struggle, we are delighted to launch a new report that focuses on a key threat to the livelihoods and food sovereignty of peasant communities worldwide: the industrial livestock industry. Our new briefing looks at the global impacts of this destructive industry and southern perspectives on alternative, more sustainable models of food production. The briefing summarises the lively discussions and …

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ЛЕСНОЕ ОБОЗРЕНИЕ 60: Как Инициатива «Пояс и путь» влияет на женщин и леса?

18 Dec, 2019

 Это издание журнала Forest Cover посвящено Инициативе по поясу и пути (BRI). BRI - это стратегия глобального развития правительства Китая, направленная на восстановление старого Шелкового пути, связывающего Китай с Азией…

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