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Circular economy or vicious cycle? How corporate capture of policy-making and perverse incentives are driving deforestation

16 Dec, 2020

Our new report in our Forest Cover series analyzes the self-reinforcing cycle of the corporate capture of government policy-making and perverse incentives that harm biodiversity. It includes analysis by member groups and close allies in nine different countries on incentives for the expansion of unsustainable livestock farming, commercial tree plantations, bioenergy generation and other industries driving forest loss. Examples from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa show how entrenched these incentives are due to the corporate capture of decision-making both …

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Webinar: Impacts of tourism

30 Oct, 2020

This webinar focused on the impacts of tourism and includes short presentations from GFC member groups where they explore both the impacts of mass tourism projects on forests and communities,…

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ЛЕСНОЕ ОБОЗРЕНИЕ 60: Как Инициатива «Пояс и путь» влияет на женщин и леса?

18 Dec, 2019

 Это издание журнала Forest Cover посвящено Инициативе по поясу и пути (BRI). BRI - это стратегия глобального развития правительства Китая, направленная на восстановление старого Шелкового пути, связывающего Китай с Азией…

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