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GFC Annual Report 2020

We are pleased to share with you a summary of the work performed by the Global Forest Coalition in 2020. This report describes the key moments and achievements of our campaigns throughout what was an unprecedented year for the coalition and our members. Despite the obvious challenges created by the pandemic, we were able to start and end 2020 on a high. In February 2020 we hosted numerous face-to-face campaigns and regional meetings in Bogor, Indonesia. Little did we know then that these would be the only opportunity to meet in well over a year, possibly much longer. However, this did not stop us from celebrating GFC’s 20th anniversary with many of you in December 2020, where we shared memories and raised a glass virtually.

As our chairperson, Anna Kirilenko, says in the report: “Today we can say with confidence that physical distance and the challenges of the pandemic have only strengthened our solidarity, allowing us to see the problems of our time more clearly and better understand how to solve them.”

Download the Annual Report: Web quality (5MB) / Low resolution (1MB)

16 Jun, 2021
Posted in Resources and publications, GFC Annual Reports