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Op-ed: EU-Latin America Free Trade Agreements Fuel Food Crises Globally

17 Jun, 2022

Two hands holding quinioa

by Lasse Bruun and A. Milena Bernal Rubio Newsweek, 15 June 2022 There is a grave misalignment between how the European Union (EU) conducts agricultural policy within and outside its borders. This is particularly evident in its trade relations with Latin America. The aspiration of inter-regionalism is to ease access for companies to regulated markets by giving them more legal protection, better geographical access and lower investment costs. However, integration projects and a strategic association between the European Union and the …

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Перспективы и риски лесного туризма в России

10 Jun, 2021

Анатолий Лебедев, НПО БРОК, Россия Туризм – это огромная индустрия, которая превратила опыт соприкосновения с чужой природой и культурой в потребность миллионов людей. И таежные леса России, как объект интереса…

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Roots Newsletter Август 2020: феминистские требования через женщин2030

30 Aug, 2020

Espanol // Française // English Дорогие друзья! Поскольку многие из вас все еще находятся в изоляции и испытывают серьезные экономические, эмоциональные проблемы и проблемы, связанные со здоровьем, мы хотели бы…

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Roots Newsletter January 2018

6 Jan, 2018

Looking to the year ahead with solidarity, strength and determination By Mary Louise Malig Best wishes for the New Year! As we forge ahead into 2018 we are looking forward…

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GFC Events in RIO+20

11 Jun, 2012

The Global Forest Coalition invites you to participate in the events we and our member groups are co-organizing during the Earth Summit-Rio+20 and the People’s Summit taking place in Rio…

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