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NbS consultations end with confused and non-agreed outcomes

By Valentina Figuera, GFC & Nele Marien, FoEI

The recent consultations on Nature-based solutions (NbS) have concluded, leaving behind a trail of confusion and disagreement among participating parties. The discussions leaned heavily towards pro-NbS voices, often side-lining those who raised critical perspectives. The imbalance raised questions about the validity of the consultation process and whether diverse opinions were genuinely considered.

UNEP NbS negotiations 2023

UNEP NbS negotiations, Nairobi, Kenya, 2023, ©UNEP

The summary of these consultations will be written by co-chairs without the opportunity for further input by participating parties. Many parties have been worried that the final summary, expected to be available only in November, might not accurately represent the breadth of discussions held during the consultations nor divergences among parties.

The meeting produced an inf document” featuring “considerations by the co-chairs,” which, according to some parties, reflected only “the opinion of the co-chairs”. All Parties coincided it was not a negotiated outcome. Therefore, this document is not suitable as a basis for the development of further work on nature-based solutions.


This article originally appeared in the ECO publication of the CBD Alliance, downloadable here:

16 Oct, 2023
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