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32 organisations worldwide call on BlackRock to drop Drax

23 Mar, 2020

A message for shareholders outside Drax’s AGM 2019.

Originally published by Biofuelwatch A coalition of 32 environmental organisations worldwide has sent a letter to the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, asking it to divest from Drax Plc, owner of the world’s largest wood-burning power station in the UK, and to clarify its position on biomass energy. BlackRock is Drax’s joint third largest shareholder, holding a 5% stake in the company. While biomass energy is promoted by the industry and the UK government as a cleaner alternative to coal, …

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Remembering Ghanimat Azhdari

10 Jan, 2020

The Global Forest Coalition wishes to express our deep sorrow over the death of Ghanimat Azhdari, a dear friend and wonderful colleague, who was one of the many victims of…

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