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Our food is not your business

Alternatives to unsustainable livestock and feedstock farming and the current corporate free trade model

This briefing paper aims to contribute to the many ongoing efforts, actions, and discussions on alternatives to industrial livestock production, whether local, specific or systemic. It considers how we can strengthen, link and build on existing genuine alternatives, as well as creating new ones, together with social movements, small farmers, small producers, environmentalists, consumer campaigners and many others. It includes examples of many different projects and programmes underway around the world that are implemented by members of the International Alliance against Unsustainable Livestock Farming and other allies, and aims to inspire others to join the discussion, to take action and to help build socially and environmentally just alternatives.

Download the briefing paper here: English/Spanish

6 May, 2017
Posted in Defending Rights, Unsustainable Livestock Production, Resources and publications, Trade and other underlying causes of forest loss