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Green Climate Fund Supports Deforestation in Paraguay

1 Mar, 2018

1 March, 2018: The Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) [1] has approved a 90-million-dollar climate change project in Paraguay called “PROEZA” [2] at its Board meeting which concluded in South Korea today. Among other things, PROEZA will expand monoculture tree plantations to produce cheap bioenergy for the benefit of the soy industry.  Forest, farmers, and indigenous women’s organizations of Paraguay, members and allies of the Global Forest Coalition [3], have severely criticized this move stating that the project …

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Our land is worth more than carbon

15 Nov, 2016

land carbon

The Paris Agreement required the 196 Parties to the UN Climate Convention to limit temperature increases to 2° or 1.5°C below preindustrial levels. While COP21 benefitted from a high degree…

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