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FCCC 2018 Media & News

Please download the Press Kit here.
The Press Kit in French is also available here.

Contact info and venue
For live updates, press releases, and information about the event please follow this link:

Venue of conference:
Grey Nuns Residence, 1190 Guy St, Concordia University, Montreal QC.
There is a press room at the venue where press are invited to visit for more information or to conduct interviews.

Press Contact in Montreal:
Ashlesha Khadse (Media Officer) speaks English, Spanish, (immediate email response) Whatsapp: +91 8600839193

Pierre Yves Serinat (conference organizer in Montreal)- speaks French, English, Spanish: +1-438-396-6284

Phone and in-person Interviews can be arranged at any time- we have provided a spokespersons list, detailed program with moments for photo-opportunities in this kit. All sessions are open to press.

Social media icons with addresses

Social media
Instagram: global.forest
Twitter: @gfc123