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39th issue of Forest Cover, the newsletter of the Global Forest Coalition

We present the most recent version of the Global Forest Coalition’s newsletter in intergovernmental forest-related policy processes: Forest Cover no.39. This issue includes an outlook for the upcoming 17th Conference of the Parties of the Framework Convention on Climate Change, and a report of the last preparatory negotiation session for this conference, which took place in Panama in October. It also includes a report on a national workshop on the drivers of forest loss in Tanzania, and an update on the latest state of EU decision-making, or rather the lack thereof, regarding agrofuels and their indirect impacts on forests and other ecosystems.

This issue also includes two reports related to the upcoming ‘Rio+20’ UN Conference on Sustainable Development, from an Indigenous and a women’s perspective.

Forest Cover is now available in two languages: English / Spanish

14 Nov, 2011
Posted in Forest Cover, Defending Rights, Forests and Climate Change