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Solidarity with the two climate spokespersons Stine Gry and Tannie Nyboe

On Thursday the 25. of November at 9.00 in Copenhagen City Court the verdict will be announced in the trial against the two spokespersons Stine Gry Jonassen and Tannie Nyboe from the global network “Climate Justice Action” (CJA)

You are invited to show your solidarity on Thursday at 09.00 in front of the Copenhagen City Court, Nytorv. There will be music, food and solidarity in the air. After the verdict you can come by the warm and cosy Café Under Construction in Folkets Hus, Stengade 50.

People not in Copenhagen. Can get updates during the day on;

Why Stine and Tannie?

CJA organised several non-violent civil disobedience protests during the climate summit in Copenhagen last year, including the “Reclaim Power – Push for Climate Justice” on16th of December. Stine Gry and Tannie were the public faces of the movement. Now they stand accused of being organisers and instigators of violence and vandalism.
Several hundred people were arrested in relation to the action, but none of these have since been accused of anything illegal – only the spokespersons.

It is evident that Stine Gry and Tannie Nyboe were charged because they acted as the public faces of CJA. To accuse the spokespersons is a disturbing way of trying to silence the voices, which have a critical opinion towards the international climate negotiations. It is a way of frightening people from using their right to protest and organise politically.

About Reclaim Power
The purpose of the “Reclaim Power” demonstration was to have a public assembly. Here protesters from the outside and accredited participators from the Bella Center, were to create a platform for the people and groups mostly affected by the climate change. Therefore the same people who were not heard in the official negotiations.

Reclaim Power was a non-violent demonstration and the purpose was never to achieve confrontation with the police. CJA has spoken openly about this during the whole process, both in the media and in dialogue-meetings with the police.
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24 Nov, 2010
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