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GFC Annual Report 2021

cover image of 2021 annual report with forest

We are pleased to share with you a summary of the Global Forest Coalition’s work in 2021. This report describes the key moments and achievements of GFC’s campaigns on climate and forests, gender justice, unsustainable livestock, and extractive industries. In another “pandemic year,” we bore witness to the differentiated impacts on our member groups in 72 countries worldwide. We observed how power imbalances within and between nations, marked by factors such as gender, race, class, caste, and sexuality, meant that those hardest hit by the pandemic were often Indigenous Peoples, women and other marginalised genders, economically and socially disadvantaged communities, and people in the Global South.

Many of GFC’s member groups continued to be actively involved in COVID-related relief efforts in 2021. Throughout the year, we did our best to work alongside our members to support them, and to respond to and rise to new challenges in real time. We were able to invite more members to our fold with whom we have a shared vision, indicated by the fact that our membership continued to grow in 2021. At the start of the year, we had 112 members from 68 countries. In the subsequent months, we reached 123 members, adding groups in countries including Somalia, Portugal, Cambodia, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan and Honduras. As GFC turns 22, we are deeply appreciative of the collective force of our members, and are proud of all that we have been able to achieve together.

As our chairperson, Anna Kirilenko, says in the report:

Our strength is in our diversity! Each one of us has our own view of the world, but by bringing them all together, we build towards a common vision of a healthy, sustainable, interconnected way of life for all beings. ….We need strength, ideas, and practices to stop and reverse the ongoing ecological crises and preserve our natural ecosystems. No one is dispensable, everyone’s voice matters in this journey.

Download it now: 2021 Annual Report (40 MB)

15 Jul, 2022
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