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UNFCCC Press Conference | Why Big Biomass is Not Renewable Energy, by GFC & EPN Global Biomass Action Network Members

8 Dec 2023

In GFC’s fourth Press Conference at COP28, we and & EPN Global Biomass Action Network Members will outline why Big Biomass should not be considered acceptable renewable energy, or be included in Global RE Targets. Come find out more about why biomass is carbon-emitting, drives deforestation and forest degradation, entrenches coal use when co-fired as a form of “abatement”, and is injurious to health and communities.


When: Friday, 8 December 2023. 15:30-16:00 (GST)

Where: Press Conference Room 2, Building 77 B6 (Blue Zone)

Livestream/ Online link: Global Forest Coalition | UNFCCC


  • Peg Putt – Co-coordinator of the Forests, Climate and Biomass Energy Working Group.
  • David Tong – Oil Change International global industry campaign manager & Co-coordinator of the Energy working group of Climate Action Network International.
  • Mustafa Santiago Ali – Executive Vice President of Conservation & Climate Justice at the National Wildlife Federation.
  • Katherine Egland – Co-founder, Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Health Organization (EEECHO) (United States), and Chair of NAACP Board of Directors Environmental Committee.
  • Kwami Kpondzo – Global Forest Coalition and Coordinator Africa Biomass working group of BAN.


For interview requests or media inquiries, reach out to:

Tegan Hansen <>  Mobile/ WhatsApp: +1 250 354 3302

Eunji Kim <> Mobile/ WhatsApp: +82 10 5135 7177