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Joint GFC/CLARA Press Conference at Bonn climate talks Thursday 15 June, 12 Noon CET

15 Jun 2023
World Conference Center Bonn, Nairobi 4 press conference room


Updates on Article 6, dangerous distractions and false solutions, human rights, agriculture,
and the Global Stocktake

WHAT: Members of the Global Forest Coalition (GFC) and the Climate Land Ambition and Rights Alliance (CLARA) will speak on the outcomes from SBSTA 58 in Bonn. This will include attention to carbon markets as defined in Articles 6.2 and 6.4; the opportunities found in the non-market mechanism of Article 6.8; plus commentary on agriculture and outcomes in the Global Stocktake.

CLARA and GFC argue that it’s time to move past discussion of carbon offset markets that do nothing for true ambition and are inappropriate for climate action in the land sector. The discussion on ‘removals’ and ‘emissions avoidance’ in Article 6 is a dangerous distraction. Instead, CLARA and GFC argue for expediting implementation of Article 6.8, particularly for agriculture, forestry, and land-use sectors.

From Souparna Lahiri:
“Developed countries are again back to their games. Climate finance seems to be a source of pain to them. They have again blocked the implementation roadmap of non-market approaches under Article 6.8. Developed countries are exposing themselves – they do not want any real climate actions, only fake actions and fake commitments.”

From Erika Lennon:
“Nations must focus on providing finance for ambitious, participatory, and human rights-based climate action that effectively addresses the root cause of climate change: fossil fuels. There’s no more time for supporting business as usual and relying on offsets, carbon credits from emissions avoidance, or carbon removals based on unproven and expensive technofixes.”

Souparna Lahiri, Senior Climate and Biodiversity Policy Advisor, Global Forest Coalition
Erika Lennon, Senior Attorney, Climate and Energy Program, Center for International Environmental Law
Jazmín Rocco Predassi, Climate Policy Coordinator, Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales
Lien Vandamme, Senior Campaigner Human Rights & Climate Change, Climate & Energy Program, Center for International Environmental Law
Kwami Kpondzo (moderator), Africa Focal Point and Campaign Coordinator, Global Forest Coalition

WHEN: Thursday 15 June, 12:00 Noon Central European Summer Time (GMT +2)
WHERE (in Bonn): Nairobi 4 press conference room
WHERE (online):
Press conference schedule:
CONTACT: Don Lehr, CLARA, +1 917 304 4058,