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The Chinese invasion: Its corporations and investments in the world at the World Social Forum (WSF)

16 Mar 2018
Faculdade de Farmacia - Sala 2 at World Social Forum - Bahia, Brazil

Chinese Investments are advancing all over the planet, particularly in the countries of the so-called Global South. The seminar aims to discuss its nature, answering questions such as: what kind of capital is it? what is the role of the national / provincial state? What are the impacts on the international corporate system? priority investment areas? Infrastructure and megaprojects: economic, social and environmental impacts. The seminar will be attended by specialists from Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

World Social Forum – Bahia, Brazil
Faculdade de Farmacia – Sala 2
on 14:00 (local Bahia, Brazil time)

Contact: Mary Lou Malig (email: