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CCRI National Workshop – Solomon Islands

6 Jul 2015 to 8 Jul 2015

Venue: Wesley United Church Conference Room, Honiara, Solomon Islands
The workshop was divided into two days, with only community participants attending the first and representatives from government, civil society, donors and the media joining for the second. Overall, the workshop aimed to: a) consolidate the findings of the community conservation resilience assessments undertaken up to that point; b) share information with other actors about the global and national CCRI processes; and c) further constructive dialogue and engagement about how to strengthen the resilience of community conservation initiatives in the Solomon Islands in light of local and global threats. It included presentations and group discussions, including about fundraising, technical support and legal recognition, and the participants emerged with a clearer vision of how to take forwards the CCRI in the Solomon Islands.
Key speakers: Aydah Gwaena (NIPS Coordinator), James Iroga (community representative), Joe Horokou (Director of Environment and Conservation Division, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology), Josiah Maesua (GEF-SGP National Coordinator)