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Is the industry greenwashing aviation?

1 Dec 2021
Zoom webinar @ 16:30-18:30 CET, in English with Spanish interpretation

What we should know about false solutions and unmet promises

Webinar by Stay Grounded Network, Biofuelwatch and Global Forest Coalition

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For decades we have witnessed massive growth rates in aviation without any meaningful attempt from neither industry nor government to deal with it’s damaging climate impact. The short pause through Covid was directly followed by massive and unconditional bailouts from governments. Now the sector is redoubling its efforts to promote “green solutions” for flying and justify it’s ongoing growth ambitions; just recently IATA and ATAG published a plan to reach “Net Zero” by 2050. But there is a lot that the aviation industry does not tell us. Most of their plans come much too late to reach climate targets. Besides, aircraft efficiency improvements, biofuels, e-fuels, hydrogen and electric flight have major obstacles and negative side effects, including being a distraction from the fact that we need strong cuts in emissions NOW.

But how can we counter such Greenwashing narratives?

In our new Fact Sheet Series presented in the webinar we look behind the green curtain of the industry’s promises and debunk common myths and misconceptions. The webinar will also present the findings of our new case study on Omega Green biofuel plantation, analyzing the largest private investment in the history of Paraguay, and the first advanced biofuel plant in the southern hemisphere. With expert scientists we will analyze current policies and models for reducing the climate impact of the aviation sector – identifying possible short-falls and weaknesses. We will end with looking at cross-cutting questions within the different “green solutions” of governments and industry and discuss how to react to them.

The webinar will be mainly in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish


  • Finlay Asher (Safe Landing and Green Sky Thinking)
  • Inés Franceschelli (HEÑÓI – Centro de Estudios y Promoción de la Democracia, los Derechos Humanos, y la Sostenibilidad Socioambiental / Study center for the promotion of democracy, human rights and socio-environmental sustainability)
  • Stefan Gössling (Professor of Tourism Research at Linnaeus University and Human Ecology at Lund University)
  • Abhilasha Fullonton (Research Associate at Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research)
  • (tbc) NN – Co-author of  CSSN Working Paper: An Integrated Framework to Assess Greenwashing

Facilitation: Anne Kretzschmar (Stay Grounded Network)