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Call for applications! Digital design and production of campaign identity and website


Stop Financing Factory Farming (SFFF): a global campaign by civil society and non-profit organisations to stop public development banks like the World Bank funding industrial animal agriculture, and shift investment to sustainable alternatives (e.g. plant-based proteins). 

SFFF member organisations focus on different geographies and issues (e.g. environmental impact of meat production, animal welfare, human rights in industrial meat supply chains…), but are united by the ultimate goal of ending factory farm financing worldwide.

Following the initial startup phase, we are now seeking talented designer(s) or an agency to develop an outstanding brand identity and website to help us deliver a successful global campaign.


$10-20,000 USD


  • Work in 2-3 phases – discovery/ideation; initial feedback on brand concepts / web design and wire frames; development of 2-3 final brand/logo designs to choose from.
  • Brand/visual identity design
    • Logo
    • Other assets e.g. colour palette, fonts, graphics, icons, graphic/infographic/social media templates
    • Brand guidelines
  • Website development
    • Setup and admin for required services and infrastructure including web hosting, SEO
    • Website back-end and front-end development, excluding copy
    • Code and developed assets
  • Support and training during launch and post-launch period (at least 1-3 months from launch)

Who we want to work with

We are keen to work with provider(s) who 

  • Understand our passion, vision and goals 
  • Will give informed feedback and guidance on what we need, and what will help the visual identity and website be most effective. 

Detailed brief

The campaign currently has no unified visual identity or brand, and has been using the logos of individual members, with different resources hosted across various websites including third-party petition websites.

In order to deliver maximum impact, we want SFFF to present as a unified, organised, powerful and effective coalition of organisations. Our audience is: development banks (and the finance sector more broadly), government officials, industrial livestock companies , and other constituencies, particularly civil society supporters and funders. To do this effectively we need a compelling, creative, distinctive and coherent identity and an established digital presence.

Project management and coordination

We need a provider who can:

  • Create a clear timeline for development and production processes, indicating key milestones along the way
  • Understanding the vision, objectives and concerns from Campaign Steering Committee
  • Resolve questions on website functionality (like hosting petitions) and visual identity
  • Coordinate production of copy, which we will provide, and visual content
  • Facilitate decision-making including management of timelines, and clear and proactive reporting
  • If required – identify and hire further developers/agencies for particular roles

Visual identity / brand

We need a visual identity that:

  • Speaks to our key audiences: finance/bank and government professionals, civil society, funders, journalists
  • Is impactful, distinctive and resonates with our goals, priorities and vision
  • Is not dated or likely to become quickly dated
  • Works across social media, letters, larger scale products e.g. banners, and the website


We need a website that can do the following:

  • Be viewed in multiple languages
  • Be optimised for search engines
  • Can still load in areas with slower internet or on older devices
    • Is light and flexible
    • Not dependent on heavy back-end / slow WordPress – potentially static
  • Provide a simple and flexible architecture for future updates or changes
  • Enable people to find and access information and resources about the campaign easily: becoming the central known destination for this campaign/advocacy issue
  • Provide a clear user journey and be easy to navigate for different stakeholders: finance/bank and government professionals, civil society, funders, journalists (see Appendix)
  • Effectively convey our arguments and evidence for ending development bank finance to industrial animal agriculture
  • Communicate with impact and clarity, but have minimal clutter and text
  • Convey that the campaign is professional, organised, competent, well-funded and legitimate
  • House news about our activities, links to our resources (e.g. PDF reports), links to e.g. news stories and social media posts, and updates on bank financing of animal agriculture or other relevant  developments
  • Provide links for signing up to newsletters and/or contacting the campaign
    • Contact information for the campaign coordinator
    • Possibly a contact form or other integrated way to capture contact information, newsletter sign-ups etc
    • Any sign up must include clear consent statements and comply with GDPR 
  • Summarise the structure, history, membership and goals of the campaign

We are also interested in:

  • Guidance on how member organisations’ brands interact with the to-be-produced campaign brand and identity
  • Guidance on having a logo and identity in a single language or the same logo translated into multiple languages. E.g. whether to have a logo that is an image or text or acronym
  • Research and organisation of URL purchase, web hosting and ongoing maintenance requirements, potentially including hosting email addresses
  • Guidance and/or provision of basic SEO of copy and content
  • Scaffolding that enables future development of the website. 
    • For example more complex user journeys such as petitions and donations, perhaps via integrating a digital toolset like Action Network or Nationbuilder

Visual examples of what we are looking for:

Here is a mood board of brand, logo, website or UX designs that we like.

Indicative timeline

Broadly following research/discovery, design, build and refinement/maintenance/growth phases.

Faster turnaround is welcome, providing quality of deliverables and communication are not compromised.


  • Secure URLs and source web hosting 
  • Submission of  key documents, planning workflows, timetables and schedules
  • Brand/visual identity discovery and research: consulting with SFFF Steering Committee and key stakeholders
  • Design discovery: website wireframes, initial brand/logo concepts, and initial feedback
  • Indicative content and brand strategy
  • Brand design, feedback and sign-off by Steering Committee
  • Preparation of content for website
  • Website designs including mobile


  • Website design feedback and sign-off
  • Website development – front-end
  • Website development – back-end
  • Completion of content
  • Loading of content

October onwards

  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Sign-off
  • Live support for initial (e.g. month) period

Flexible timing

  • Brand guidelines document
  • Content management guidance, training

Selection criteria

  • Essential
    • Ability to meet completion deadline of late October
    • Proven track record of excellence in brand and website design (effective communication and brand strategies, user journeys), development and delivery
    • Value for money: best quality offered at best price point within budget range. 
  • Desirable
    • Experience designing for advocacy organisations
    • Demonstrable understanding and/or interest in campaign activities, goals and issues
    • Demonstrable understanding of our key audiences


Activities and funds are overseen by a Steering Committee of seven organisations including Friends of the Earth US, Feedback, Bank Information Center, Global Forest Coalition, International Accountability Project, Sinergia Animal and  World Animal Protection.

Please submit your application including portfolio or examples of previous work to and CC

18 Jul, 2022
Posted in News, Unsustainable Livestock Production