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Briefing Paper: Mainstreaming Biodiversity and the Resilience of Community Conservation

mainstreaming-biodiversity-earth-day“Mainstreaming Biodiversity and the Resilience of Community Conservation” calls out to national governments to include indigenous peoples and local community conserved territories and areas (ICCAs) and other community conservation initiatives as a key strategy to achieve biodiversity mainstreaming.

The briefing paper is based on the findings of the first year of the Community Conservation Resilience Initiative, which has facilitated participatory assessments of the resilience of community conservation by more than 30 communities in 10 countries. They show that in practice, biodiversity can be mainstreamed at the local level through rights-based approaches that benefit both nature and peoples’ livelihoods. The briefing paper also highlights threats such as large-scale industrial fishing operations that undermine coastal community livelihoods, commercial monoculture plantations that replace diverse forests and undercut forest peoples’ livelihoods and ‘Green Revolution’ agricultural practices that negatively impact traditional agricultural systems.

Download the briefing paper here.

22 Apr, 2016
Posted in Supporting Community Conservation