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Zero deforestation by 2020 as one of key solutions to climate crisis

December 11, 15-16:50
Co-organizers: Global Forest Coalition and Fundación Solón
Venue: Centquatre Paris Salle 200, ZAC

We don’t want a world without forests, nor one where plantations have replaced forests. Stopping deforestation is a crucial element in the struggle against climate change. The historical UN target of aiming for zero deforestation by 2020 needs to be implemented without market mechanisms and fake forests such as plantations. But the INDCs (intended nationally determined contributions) of several countries violate this zero deforestation goal. Representatives of social movements and activists struggling to halt deforestation will present their struggles and explain how their countries’ INDCs will further exacerbate deforestation instead of working to halt it. They will also present proposals for actions and supporting community conservation of forests, also other proposals from local, national, international to stop deforestation and plantations and to hold governments to account to the zero deforestation target.

1 Dec, 2015
Posted in Forests and Climate Change