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Watch: ‘Ready to Launch’, GFC speaks at the UNFCCC 2022 side event

Bonn, Germany – GFC spoke at ‘Ready to Launch: A vision for how Non-Market Mechanism in 6.8 can move climate action forward’, a Side Event hosted by the Climate, Land, Ambition & Rights Alliance (CLARA). The discussion focussed on what it means to be a non-market mechanism, what an outcome on 6.8 should look like, and why the land sector is an especially good fit for non-market mechanism. CLARA members and other stakeholders shared their vision on opportunities for climate action, on ecosystem integrity and on human rights.

The speakers were Souparna Lahiri, Global Forest Coalition; Gry Bossen, Forests of the World; Erika Lennon, CIEL; and Diego Pacheco, Government of Bolivia. The talk was moderated by Kelly Stone, ActionAid US.

You can see CLARA’s live-tweets of the event here. 

Watch the entire event here.

17 Jun, 2022
Posted in UNFCCC, News