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Intervention on CDM

Intervention on CDM in the CMP, by Fiu Elisara

Delivered at the CMP plenary at the UNFCCC COP16 in Cancun, Mexico
December 1, 2010
Fellow humans,
Much of this planet is drying or floodingevidence of about ocean outgassing, reduced primary production and the crossing of new ecological tipping points are clear. No one even knows whether we’ve already passed the point of no return for this planet. What we do know is that in my Pacific region, many countries will not survive this century if no deep emission cuts in the order of 50% by 2017 compared to 1990 levels are agreed upon now.
Yet, developed countries are delaying these talks, reforming fraudulent market mechanisms and ignoring fundamental flaws in existing crediting methodologies that result in the issuance of millions of bogus carbon credits. The proposals to change the rules related to LULUCF and the CDM are examples. This will not social and environmental havoc, and place a time bomb under the climate regime. 

We call on delegates to thoroughly assess the environmental integrity of all baseline and monitoring methodologies, tools, and address deficits as a matter of utmost priority. 

Finally, we demand emission cuts at sources, repayment of the climate and ecological debt, sufficient, equitable funding for mitigation and adaptation, and the estimated 1.7 trillion USD per year spent on military aggression be better used.
Thank you.

6 Dec, 2010
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