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Women2030 project: African Regional Training of Expert CSOs

4 Nov 2016 to 5 Nov 2016
Marrakech, Morocco

women 2030 meeting cop22

This regional training was organised by WEP and took place prior to UNFCCC COP22, on 4-5 November in Marrakesh, Morocco. The first day of training included an overview of the Women2030 program, as well as several sessions on: the concept of gender and how gender can be mainstreamed in programmes, projects and legislations; case studies on enhancing understanding of gender mainstreaming; how the SDGs can contribute to reducing inequalities between women and men; and mapping stakeholders that will be directly or indirectly affected by the project. At the end of the first day the Women2030 Trainer Master Manual was presented.

During the second day of the training there was a session on how to conduct a policy analysis relating to the SDGs and other climate policies, and financial management with a focus on making project budgets. There were also sessions on coaching and leadership skills as well as a media training on social and mainstream media, activist photography and how to design a strong campaign message.

Some 25 people from more than 12 different African countries were able to participate in the training.