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SB60 Press Conference: True International Cooperation: Moving Beyond Carbon Markets

7 Jun 2024


Carbon markets are failing in the fight against climate change. They are a False Solution to the climate and biodiversity crises. Join us for a crucial press conference where the Global Forest Coalition (GFC) and allies, including Indigenous representatives, will expose the flaws of carbon markets and other false solutions like REDD+ and will present a False Solutions Map. But to have a full picture, the press conference will also address the opportunities and Real Solutions that should be the focus of attention in the negotiations including non-carbon market alternatives. 



  • Alberto Saldamando, Indigenous Environmental Network, Coordinator, Climate Change and Indigenous Collective Rights
  • Eduardo Giesen, Viento Sur
  • Tatiana Oliveira, Institute of Socioeconomic Studies (INESC), Policy Advisor, climate specialist
  • Souparna Lahiri, Global Forest Coalition, Senior Climate and Biodiversity Advisor
  • Gadir Lavadenz, Global Forest Coalition, Forest and Climate Change Campaign Coordinator, (Moderator)

WHERE: Nairobi 4 Theatre, Main Building, World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB), and via Live Webcast here

WHEN: Friday, 7th June 12:00 – 12:30 pm Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)


CONTACT: Chithira Vijayakumar +919633990688 (WhatsApp, Signal)

Live webcast available:




The Global Forest Coalition (GFC) is an international coalition of 133 NGOs and Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations defending social justice and the rights of forest peoples in forest policies.

The GFC was founded in 2000 by 19 NGOs and Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations (IPOs) from all over the world. It is a successor to the NGO Forest Working Group, which was originally established in 1995.

GFC participates in international forest policy meetings and organizes joint advocacy campaigns on issues like Indigenous Peoples’ rights, the need for socially-just forest policy and the need to address the underlying causes of forest loss.