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Webinar | Unveiling Colombia’s Livestock Nexus: Political Power & its Ecological Fallout

4 Apr 2024

When: Apr 4, 2024| 10 to 11:30 Colombia time | 3 PM GMT

Interpretation: Spanish and English



Join us for ‘Unveiling Colombia’s Livestock Nexus: Political Power & its Ecological Fallout’, a webinar where we reveal the findings of two investigative reports on ‘Livestock Laundering’ in Colombia, along with a research study on “sustainable” livestock intensification and financing.

The reports, by Enrique Gamboa of Revista Raya, expose the effects of livestock expansion on forests, biodiversity, and Indigenous Peoples. The first article, set in Guaviare province in the Colombian Amazon, exposes how paramilitary groups spurred livestock expansion, leading to deforestation and biodiversity loss, impacting the Nukak – Colombia’s last nomadic indigenous group. The second piece delves into paramilitary influence in buffalo cattle ranching expansion in Santander province in the Colombian Andes. Both investigative articles were supported by Brighter Green.

In addition, we will discuss a study on a livestock project financed by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in the department of Vichada, which promotes sustainable intensification; this project claims to be “carbon-negative” for thousands of head of cattle. Thus, there are concerns raised by the indigenous Sikuani people and its impacts on forests, communities and climate.


Moderator: Isis Alvarez, Brighter Green

Enrique Gamboa | Revista Raya

Anarley Hoyos, Jaime León | Corporación Claretiana Norman Pérez Bello

Jaider Camacho | Sikuani Indigenous governor

Andrea Echeverri | Global Forest Coalition