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CBD SBI 4 Side event: Mainstreaming, resource mobilization and policy coherence for implementation

21 May 2024

Join us for a side event at the SBI-04 hosted by the CBD Alliance

2024.05.21 @ 13:15
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What should mainstreaming biodiversity actually mean, and are the documents before us for discussion at SBI (the Long Term Approach to Mainstreaming (LTAM) and the Action Plan (AP) adequate to address that? Can the measures proposed, mainly in the Action Plan, such as offsetting, actually protect biodiversity as claimed?

If not, what changes do we need to make to these documents and the policies they propose, and what kind of process should we develop going forward?

There has been very little plenary discussion of biodiversity mainstreaming to date and the aim of this side event is to provide some space for this. Speakers will introduce the main issues and then open the floor for discussion.


1) Nele Marien, FoEI
2) Jessica Dempsey, University of British Columbia
3) Ching Li, TWN
4) Simone Lovera, Forest and Finance Coalition
5) Valentina Figuera Martinez, GFC
Room CR-11 – JUSCANZ room
2nd floor
Capacity: 50 people