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Defend the defenders – from high destruction to fast transformation

10 Jul 2018

Linking forest conservation and restoration with sustainable consumption, production, cities and utilities thorough a gender lens (with particular focus on SDG 12 & 15). The event will present inspiring examples of women-led community conservation initiatives that provide an alternative to unsustainable consumption and production patterns triggering forest destruction and environmental pollution. It will discuss how transformative change can be achieved and how the human rights of women, indigenous peoples, local communities and environmental defenders can be protected. The event will look at the following drivers of deforestation and environmental pollution:

Meat, soy, wood and palm-oil consumption and production and the associated expansion of tree and other monocultures (SDG 15, 12)
Waste and chemicals production, including pesticides, and water and soil pollution (SDG12, 11)

13:15-14:30 (75 min)

Conference room 12, UNHQ

Global Forest Coalition (GFC), Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF), Women Environmental Programme (WEP), APWLD, Women’s Major Group (WMG), Women & Gender Constituency (WGC), Women2030