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Genetically Engineered Trees

Genetically engineered (also called GM or Transgenic) trees pose a major threat to forest biodiversity and to forest peoples’ access to resources. Large monocultures of both GE and non-GE trees are extremely harmful to both ecosystems and biodiversity with negative effects on the survival of forest dependent peoples.

GFC is an active member of the No GE Trees Campaign coordinated by its North American focal point Global Justice Ecology Project. For more information and resources, please check the Campaign to Stop GE Trees.

US Public Overwhelmingly Rejects Genetically Engineered Trees

Upcoming Protests Disrupt Tree Biotech Conference Plans   Asheville, NC – By a majority of almost 99.99% to .01%, the US public overwhelming rejected steps toward the legalization of genetically engineered trees during the USDA APHIS [1] public comment period that ended yesterday. The comments were in response to a petition by genetically engineered (GE) tree company ArborGen requesting permission to commercially sell their GE freeze tolerant eucalyptus trees.[2] Calls for a ban on the technology flooded the APHIS office, …

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Tuesday May 14th, 2013

Foreword: Seed diversity and agrobiodiversity worldwide face the growing threat of market liberalisation, including the FTA between India and the EU that will only suit agribusinesses. To safeguard seed diversity and farmers’…

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