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Advocating to Scrap the EU Emissions Trading Scheme is Advocating for Climate Policy that Works

19 févr., 2013

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is in trouble – big time. That much most analysts, policy makers, politicians, carbon traders, industrial polluters and NGOs agree. When it comes to diagnosis of the causes behind the symptom, prescriptions, or what to do with the ailing patient, opinions diverge. As outlined in the statement “Time to scrap the ETS”, our investigation of the EU ETS concludes that far from being ‘the most effective climate change policy instrument in Europe’ the EU …

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El Capitalismo Verde y el BID

12 févr., 2013

 por Diego Rodríguez Panqueva (CENSAT-Agua Viva, GFC Latin American Focal Point) Recurrentes imágenes empresariales en alusión a lo ambiental y la preocupación por el futuro de la humanidad son el reflejo de…

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