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Western Victorian Koala Wipeout and its Relation to FSC Certification Schemes

26 août, 2013

On a recent communication our dear and worried friend the Koala bear, in light of the still on-going extensive deforestation rates in his home country, asks Wally Menne from Timberwatch (GFC’s Africa focal point), about Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification schemes. Wally replies and explains our good friend why FSC and other certification schemes DO NOT work and only serve as ways for ‘greenwashing’ environmentally harmful activities… Koala – “I thought FSC would only certify plantations that were planted prior …

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14 mai, 2013

Foreword: Seed diversity and agrobiodiversity worldwide face the growing threat of market liberalisation, including the FTA between India and the EU that will only suit agribusinesses. To safeguard seed diversity and farmers’…

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