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The Devastating Plantation Plans of the World Bank Forest Investment Program

26 mai, 2015

By Simone Lovera Sometimes you expect the worst, and you are not disappointed. When the World Bank Forest Investment Program (FIP) was established 6 years ago, we were skeptic to say the least, as Global Forest Coalition. The World Bank had funded (and continues to fund) numerous projects with a devastating impact on forests and forest dependent peoples. Putting them in charge of what is until now the largest global fund to invest in projects to reduce emissions from deforestation …

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When Hope Avenges Mistrust

8 mai, 2015

By: Miguel Lovera Ever since I read the masterpiece by Jan Ziegler “La Suisse Lave Plus Blanc” (“Swiss Whitewash”) in the early ‘90’s, I started to suspect that there was…

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Appeal: Freedom to Evgeny Vitishko!

22 avr., 2015

APPEAL We, the undersigned non-governmental not-for-profit organizations, work to protect and promote universal rights to freedom and to a healthy environment and to protect individuals who defend these rights. Therefore,…

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Bioenergy and Forests

15 avr., 2015

This editorial is part of Forest Cover issue nº47. If you want to read or download the rest of the articles please go to By Rachel Smolker, Biofuelwatch, USA…

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